James Jackson

Web developer, adventure, snowboarder, minimalist, gamer, ...

Leicester, United Kingdom

Apption Labs (creators of MEATER)



The name's James, but everyone calls me Jacko, or nojacko when online.

I'm a web developer from Leicester who loves travelling, snowboarding, music, gaming, cigars, amongst countless other things. I graduated from the University of Leicester with a degree in Computer Science. Minimalism & science are my cults.

Projects & Work


My personal homepage. It's a very simple: it displays the date, time and awesome pictures from /r/EarthPorn or any other subreddit. Code on GitHub.


Automated Twitter bot tweeting the price of Bitcoin every 30 minutes to around 7,000 followers.

Time Format Converter Work In Progress

Simple Ember app to convert UNIX timestamps, ISO 8601, MySQL DATETIME, and MongoID's into other date and time formats.

PHP Email Validator

Simple PHP email validation library. Validates an email address's format and MX Records. It also allows filtering of disposable and role-based email addresses.

Dijkstra's JS

An implementation of Dijkstra's graph searching algorithm in JavaScript

ThePriceBTC.com discontinued

ThePriceOfBTC.com was the companion site for @ThePriceBTC. Along with the price of bitcoin, it included Bitcoin news. It was powered by my own Twitter news tracker that followed 5,000 of the most influential Twitter users in the Bitcoin community. The links they shared were aggregated and ranked in real-time resulting in the most popular Bitcoin news updated.

Crypto Prices (Alexa Skill) discontinued

In order to get a free Echo Dot, I made a cypto currency quoting skill.

Bitcoin Bot discontinued

A bot made to trade bitcoins. It did make a profit whilst trading but due to changes to the exchange I was using, I discontinued it.

...more on GitHub and in the works.

Development Skills

I am full-stack web-developer working mostly with JavaScript/Node, PHP, HTML & CSS. Like most developers, I work use a plethora of programming languages, technologies, platforms, systems, frameworks, libraries and methodologies. It's impossible to list everything.

I aim for readable, maintainable, testable and object-oriented code, subscribing to SOLID, DRY, KISS (all of which go hand in hand with minimalism) and 12 Factor.